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Fees and Scholarship Opportunities

The fees and scholarship opportunities detailed below are valid for the 2024-2025 Academic Year, and in case of conflict in the information, the current legislation of our University (Undergraduate Scholarship Directive) will be taken as basis. 


Laptop Gift

All students who enroll in the university are given a laptop computer that they can use during their education in the first semester they start studying at the university, if they register and attend the courses.

All undergraduate quotas at Ibn Haldun University are full scholarship quotas.

Prestige Scholarship

Within the scope of the Prestige Scholarship; 16.000TL monthly cash payment is made to those who rank in the top 100 in Verbal and top 250 in Equal.

Degree Scholarship

Within the scope of the degree scholarship; the students who have the following rankings in Turkey with ÖSYS scores are paid a monthly cash payment of 13.500 TL, 11.000 TL and 8.500 TL respectively.

  • The top 500, top 1,000 and top 2,000 for Islamic Sciences, History, New Media and Communication Programs with verbal score type,
  • The first 2.500, first 5.000 and first 10.000 for Law, Economics, Business Administration, Psychology, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Political Science and International Relations and Sociology Undergraduate Programs with equal score type,

Preference Scholarship

A monthly preference scholarship of 7.000₺ is awarded to students who write one of Ibn Haldun University undergraduate programs in their first preference and enroll in the relevant program, and to students who write one of Ibn Haldun University undergraduate programs in all of their first 3 preferences and enroll in the relevant program.

Other Scholarships

Athlete Scholarship

Athletes who have been certified by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey to be successful in the sports branches specified in the Undergraduate Scholarship Directive within the last 4 years are granted an Athlete Scholarship, which includes exemption from tuition fees, limited to the duration of their education, if they are placed and enrolled at the University. The Olympic and Paralympic sports branches are determined by taking into account the program of the most recent and the first games to be held after the exam, taking into account the year of the exam.

Important notes about scholarships:

  • Students who are eligible for more than one of the scholarships mentioned above can only benefit from the highest scholarship. Scholarships cannot be combined. The cash payments made within the scope of the scholarships are gratuitous and continue uninterruptedly for 1+1 year in the English Preparatory Program and 4 years in the undergraduate program, 9 months per year, provided that the student continues to enroll in the courses and does not receive any disciplinary penalties. These periods are extended by 2 semesters for students who continue the Double Major Program and 1 semester for students who continue the Minor Program. There is no loss of scholarship due to any academic failure within the specified periods.
  • Students who have previously graduated from any undergraduate program cannot benefit from the cash scholarship opportunities and the laptop computer gift.
  • Cash payments within the scope of preference and degree scholarships are for students who are placed in full scholarship quota.

Tuition Fees

** Tuition fees for the 2024-2025 Academic Year have not yet been determined. The announcement will be made on this page.

** All undergraduate programs are full scholarship. Undergraduate students who are placed and enrolled in our university's full scholarship programs with 2024-YKS will not pay tuition fees since they are 100% scholarship. Tuition fee exemption continues for 1+1 year in the English Preparatory Program and 4+1 years in the undergraduate program. Students who complete the total scholarship period become paid students.

** For our Law (Scholarship) program, our lower limit of success ranking in placement score type is 50.000.