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Graduate Students Statements

Abdullah Ayaz - MA in Religious Studies Graduate 

Ibn Haldun University offers international opportunities for every student who wants to continue their education in Turkey. In addition to the advanced language skills and modern teaching methods you can acquire abroad, it brings you together with your roots by enabling you to receive education from academicians who have achieved international success in their fields in the classrooms of a historical building such as Süleymaniye Complex.

For every student who wants to continue his/her academic life in the field of social sciences, the way and method that will directly achieve the targeted success is included in the university's education system. From the academic staff to the students, Ibn Haldun University brings you together with an education process beyond your expectations with the scholarships, transportation and technological facilities offered as well as the friendly environment on its green campus.

Ataullah Hashem - PhD in Basic Islamic Sciences

First of all, Ibn Haldun University welcomes students from nearly a hundred countries around the world, as well as highly qualified academics and staff. This diversity offers you the opportunity to study authentically in a true academic environment... Secondly, the way the university takes care of its students is very impressive. It offers a wide range of scholarships, different academic and cultural clubs, prestigious and modern facilities, all guiding you towards your goals.

We also have two research centers, Hadith, where you can develop your academic career in Islamic Studies and Islamic Finance and Economics. In addition, we offer Teaching and Research Assistantships where you can gain significant academic experience. Therefore, I would like to invite everyone who has such goals to join the IHU family.

Ayşenur Tuğçe Doğan - MA in Educational Institutions Management

As someone who aims to become an academic, being a student at Ibn Haldun University has been a chance for me. Ibn Haldun University has provided me with a great advantage in developing myself in my field with its mission and vision, its expert academic staff and its values.

Our university encourages us to produce our own ideas by confronting different ideas with the comparative education it offers; to be individuals who think, express their thoughts, discuss their thoughts with other people, research and question, and to be equipped to have a say in the competitive environment in the changing and transforming world. Our university also offers various opportunities for language learning. During our graduate education, we have the opportunity to learn languages such as Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Japanese, and Persian. In addition, with its international student profile, Ibn Haldun University allows us to network with people from different countries of the world and get to know their cultures. Thus, we have the opportunity to closely follow, read and research not only the developments in our own country but also the developments in different countries of the world.

Student-faculty relations are another strong point of Ibn Haldun University. The equipment, sincerity and energy of our professors are a source of motivation for us. Our professors are always with us and show us the value they give us by supporting us. We can easily reach our professors to get their support on any subject, to consult or to share something. Club activities and Honors Program events organized at our university help us to develop ourselves in different fields and have a broader perspective. Ibn Haldun University also supports its students financially with scholarship opportunities. As a student planning to continue my PhD education, Ibn Haldun University has enlightened me on the direction of my future.

The Management of Educational Institutions Program has a significant impact on the field of education by training individuals who have sufficient knowledge and skills in this field, have a command of education policies in Turkey and the world, are equipped with the knowledge of change and transformation in education, can lead in education, and can produce their own ideas.

Azize Maden  - MA in Radio, TV and Cinema Graduate

When I first started the MA Program in Radio TV and Cinema at Ibn Haldun University, I thought "woe is me". But in the following days, the university started to endear itself. Philosophy with my dear teacher Şaban Teoman Duralı, Classical Music with Halil Berktay, Sufism and Poetry workshops with Ahmet Murat Özel; the rush of my Arabic professors to make me love the course, Enis Doko's contribution to my plans to study physics after the age of 40, my rush to catch up with Nursem Keskin Aksay's information without realizing that every word is of separate value, and of course the selfless work discipline and contributions of my dear advisor Taner Doğan have made me remember Ibn Haldun University fondly. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Baboucarr Mbowe - PhD in Business Administration

I am studying at Ibn Haldun University Business Administration Doctorate Program with a scholarship. The duties assigned to us as research assistants or teaching assistants within the scope of the program offer us the opportunity to develop ourselves as well as teaching experience. The low student-to-academic ratio at the university gives us direct access to our professors who are experts in their fields.

The university's multilingual education environment allows us to access original and primary sources by learning languages such as Turkish and Arabic in addition to English. This program offers a stimulating opportunity for those who aim to develop themselves academically and make a difference in the future in the field of Business Administration.

Beyza Konuk -  MA in Clinical Psychology 

The main factor that influenced me to choose Ibn Haldun University Clinical Psychology program was that the program has both scientific research and application legs. In addition to receiving education from leading professors in their fields, IHU Psychotherapy Application and Research Center (IPAM), which is located within the university, constitutes the leading aspects of the program. In addition to the existence of IPAM, it is also a good opportunity to receive supervision from experienced clinical psychologists within the internship. Having an academic staff that is open to one-to-one communication and excited about new research also supports students for scientific research.

In addition, collaborating with international organizations that conduct Islam-oriented mental health practices and research is another very valuable aspect of Ibn Haldun University Clinical Psychology program. Ibn Haldun University also stands out as a school where scholarship opportunities are combined with a quality education that is not often encountered in the field of clinical psychology.

Dounia Chlyeh -  MA in Business Administration Graduate 

As an energy engineer, I have a very technical background. Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA so that I could develop myself in the field of management. Ibn Haldun University was the perfect choice for an MBA because of its expert academic staff with industry experience and its international student diversity. Both the scholarship opportunities and the educational environment at the university allow you to learn and develop yourself in the field while enjoying yourself at the same time. The one-on-one teacher-student relationship helped me develop my understanding of social and professional relationships. I can honestly say that joining the MBA program at Ibn Haldun University is one of the best choices I have made for my future career plans.

Fatemah Mashael - MA in Civilization Studies Graduate

Being part of MEDIT has contributed a lot to me academically and personally. The interdisciplinary approach to education and the scholarship opportunities were very attractive. I also appreciate the family atmosphere that the Institute provided. I received constant encouragement and support from my professors during the research phase. As students, we were always in contact with our professors, which made it possible for us to benefit from them in every field and at all times. We are still in contact with them. Also, studying in the historical Süleymaniye Complex is a privileged memory that I will never forget...

Fatih Sarı -  MA in Air Transport Management

I recommend Ibn Haldun University to all prospective students. Starting from the registration phase until graduation, the University has never withheld its support to us students both administratively and academically. Although our professors are always accessible, we have never been unable to get a result on any issue. Even after graduation, we were able to reach our professors and stay in touch.

In addition, working with international companies such as THY and Airbus and the participation of world-renowned professors in our courses made incredible contributions to us. In this context, I recommend prospective students to enroll without hesitation and with peace of mind.

Gülnihal Akmeşe - MA in Educational Institutions Management

I am a thesis student in the Master's Program in Management of Educational Institutions. I chose this university because it is an international research university and the strong opportunities offered by the university. I benefited from the assistantship opportunity in exchange for a scholarship, which was an important factor for me to easily focus on my studies without economic worries during a period when I was not working.

The MA Program in Management of Educational Institutions provided me with a unique academic experience with its comprehensive and professional courses and the sincere interest and care of our academic professors. With its interdisciplinary approach to management and education, this program will appeal to those who are interested in many fields. Graduates of this department can continue their academic career with a PhD with the qualified educational ground they have gained. I am happy to be a student of this program, which has exceeded my expectations. I sincerely recommend this program to those who want to step into academic life.

Jamie Turner - MA in Philosophy Graduate 

The IHU MA Program in Philosophy encourages academic rigor and intellectual independence and emphasizes the importance of innovative research. The professors are highly competent in the fields of Western and Islamic philosophy. In addition to the diversity of philosophical topics in both the BA and MA curricula, students are encouraged to participate in language-based courses (especially Arabic). This allows students to benefit more from research in classical philosophical traditions. Another advantage of this diversity is that it allows students to understand in which area they might want to specialize their academic career.

During my own studies in the department, I particularly benefited from the Islamic philosophy courses and published an article in one of the leading academic journals in the field of philosophy. In conclusion, I would recommend the IHU MA in Philosophy program to students, which not only ensures academic success in philosophy but also offers a family atmosphere.

Kübra Çınar Yalçın - MA in Air Transport Management Graduate 

It will be possible for our country to reach a leading position in the aviation sector, which is growing day by day, with competent managers and academicians in the field. The Air Transport Management program, sponsored by Airbus and created in cooperation with Turkish Airlines and Ibn Haldun University, closes the education gap in this field in our country. This training, under the guidance of the strong academic staff of our university, offers a great opportunity to those who want to continue their career in the field of air transportation like me. I recommend this opportunity to everyone who aims to shape their future in this direction.

Mahat Maalim İbrahim - MA in Economics

Ibn Haldun University Economics graduate programs provide students with an enormous amount of resources for their education and research... The university is equipped with modern physical environments and research centers. There is an international environment with highly experienced, helpful and friendly academics. The MA in Economics combines economic theory with the practical, applied side of economics, which exposed me to a wide range of research techniques and teaching experience. There are generous scholarships for qualified graduate students... I am grateful to be part of the program.

Mehmed Seyda Tepedelen - MA in Clinical Psychology Graduate 

One of the biggest factors in my preference for Ibn Haldun University was that in a sub-field such as Clinical Psychology, where practice is very important, Ibn Haldun University Psychotherapy Research and Application Center offered me the opportunity to practice this practice. Being able to receive supervision from various schools in this center is an important experience in terms of seeing the theories come to life in practice. In addition, having a leading national and international academic staff in the field brings both the transfer of experience and support for scientific activities.

The presence of these factors in a university is a great asset for a student who is considering advancing in this field, and this is where the privileged aspect of Ibn Haldun University shows itself. In addition, the fact that the University offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities at the graduate level is another reason for preference.

Merve Nur Özkan - MA in Religious Studies Graduate

The multilingualism model adopted by the university is one of the reasons I chose IHU. The foreign languages you will learn, the interdisciplinary approach you will gain from the courses you take or the activities you participate in open doors to look at the world from various perspectives.

Each of the academics in the academic staff and the invited guests are senior people who have achieved significant success in their fields. From the first day of your education, they prepare you for the future by encouraging you to learn knowledge with a sincere desire to teach. It is enough to ask to get in touch to find answers to your questions.

When the value given to education and the sincere approach of the professors are combined with the historical texture of an important building such as the Suleymaniye madrasah, you can say "this is why Ibn Haldun University" with peace of mind.

Mohamed Jalloh - PhD in Basic Islamic Sciences

A long time ago, I asked Allah for a university where I could get a good education and Allah granted me admission to the Islamic Sciences program at IHU. After my undergraduate studies, my dream was to further my studies in English in Islamic Studies or in a program that could serve Islamic Studies. Nowadays, it is possible to study Fiqh or Islamic Finance in many universities, but in the IHU Department of Islamic Sciences, I had the opportunity to combine Shariah and Financial Economics to produce a new Islamic Financial Economics. I think the good relationship between professors and students helps students to unlock their potential. One thing I should clarify here is that IHU students should be proud of the good opportunities they have compared to students in other universities, and Islamic Sciences students should be proud of the better opportunities they have compared to other IHU students.

If things go as planned, by the grace of Allah, at the end of my research, I will be able to combine two main sciences: Fiqh and Cryptocurrency Economics. This will give me a specialization path in both Financial Fiqh and Cryptocurrency Economics to propose an Islamic Crypto. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ibn Khaldun University and the Department of Islamic Sciences for giving me such an opportunity.

Muhammed Enes Dönmez - MA in Political Science and International Relations Graduate 

While Ibn Khaldun is considered the founder of sociology and even economics and history in the West, we hardly know this great name of our civilization and do not even include him in the curricula of our universities. Ibn Haldun University, on the other hand, offers a brand new educational approach to remedy this cultural and existential drift and to train truly cosmopolitan thinkers and social scientists with its multilingual and comparative education model that offers its students the opportunity to step on their own soil with one foot and other geographies with the other.

In addition, the ideal of raising a global human being who can touch human beings is one of the distinctive features of the university with its horizontal architecture that emphasizes people rather than matter and its students from all over the world...

Muhammed Salih Sefiloğlu - MA in Religious Studies, PhD in History

I started at Ibn Haldun University in 2017 with the Master's Program in Religious Studies, and I can say that I have witnessed the birth and dynamic development of this school since its establishment. I have met people from all over the world, made friends, benefited from the university's generous scholarship opportunities, and I could go on and on. During this time, I can say that I discovered my main interests. Suraiya Faroqhi's trips to historical cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Edirne, and Halil Berktay's assistantship, which I did with pleasure and pride, further increased my interest in history, and today I can say with great joy that I am a part of this family.

The most important feature of the Ibn Haldun History PhD Program is undoubtedly its academic staff. As someone who is interested in ordinary people in history and especially Ottoman women, I can easily say that the program courses and academic staff are tailor-made for this. On the other hand, the desire to approach Ottoman History from a broad perspective, in comparison with other cultures and societies, rather than from an isolated point of view, sets the department apart from its peers.

In addition to your academic studies, there are also opportunities to work as teaching assistants and teaching assistants, which will provide you with a unique experience from a very early stage. The school's multilingualism policy has been sufficiently mentioned by our other friends who have written here. In short, a busy reading schedule awaits you. We hope to see you among us.

Murtala Mustapha Baba - MA in Financial Economics Graduate

In addition to the courses given, the Financial Economics Program prepares us well for an academic career or business life with its competent teaching staff.  IHU hosts many Turkish and international students like me with the opportunities it offers. Many professors with international experience are among its academic staff. If you want to study in a multicultural environment without going abroad, I invite you to Ibn Haldun University.

IHU offers the opportunity to develop yourself in every aspect while studying, for example, you can learn other languages besides the languages we are required to learn as part of the trilingualism policy. The studies offered within the Honors Program also prepare students for after graduation. The relationship between professors and students at IHU is similar to a kinship. They are very willing to find solutions not only to your academic problems but also to the problems you face in life. We international students are made to feel as if we are in our own countries.

Mustafa Subaşı - MA in Guidance and Psychological Counseling Graduate 

Undoubtedly, many factors influenced me to choose Ibn Haldun University Guidance and Psychological Counseling Master's program. In general, Ibn Haldun University's mission, the opportunities it provides to its students, the international environment and diversity it offers, and its rich academic staff were the main factors that stood out for me.

The main factors that encouraged me to apply to the Guidance and Psychological Counseling master's program were the opportunity to interact one-on-one with expert academics and receive academic support, the fact that the department's curriculum meets international professional standards and does not compromise on the quality of its content, the opportunities to practice individual and group counseling both inside and outside the university at REDAM, the academic richness of the department and the research assistantship that provides the opportunity to become a specialist psychological counselor.

I have personally experienced the positive impact of academic and social support in my PhD applications abroad. I believe that the scientific formation and experiences offered by the department prepare counselor candidates to become qualified and multicultural mental health professionals both in academia and in the field. The interdisciplinary network of the department with other departments is another important enriching factor. I can confidently state that IHU RPD is an invaluable opportunity for students who aim to learn and develop.

Mücahid Keskinoğlu - MA Political Science and International Relations Graduate 

I preferred Ibn Haldun University primarily because of the knowledge and experience of the professors of the department, but I realized that it has a very good quality of education in terms of social facilities, book ratios per student and one-to-one student-academician relations. I can also say that the new campus of our university has become a home worthy of its vision for students.

As an International Relations student, studying at a school with such an international student and academic profile has positively affected my academic competence. Based on this, I am sure that students who start their academic career at Ibn Haldun University will achieve positive outcomes in the long run.

Nariman Abugharbieh - MA in Turkey Studies Graduate 

As an Arab national with a keen interest in languages and cultures, studying at Ibn Khaldun University was a great opportunity for me. The Turkish Studies MA program, with its interdisciplinary approach, allowed me to study more deeply in the field of the Eastern world and its history, to have a clearer knowledge of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, to explore our common cultural heritage, thus enabling me to better understand the world and to believe more in global peace and understanding.

Prof. Halil Berktay, the head of the department, together with the academic staff of the program, provided all the guidance and support I needed to set and achieve my goals in my academic career and research.

Nesibe Demir - MA in Sociology Graduate, PhD in Sociology  

Ibn Haldun Sociology graduate programs are privileged in that they adopt and put into practice a comparative and innovative approach both theoretically and methodologically. The philosophical, historical and anthropological background of the professors of the department increases the scholarly depth of the courses and paves the way for students to have a stronger academic background and produce quality studies. Most importantly, the fact that the teacher-student relationship is carried out not in a certain hierarchy, but in transparency, sincerity and mutual respect for ideas gives you the opportunity to share your question(s) comfortably and seek solutions together. International symposiums, intra- and inter-departmental academic meetings and panel discussions broaden your horizons and keep your research enthusiasm alive.

I think it is an invaluable opportunity for those who see the academic journey as learning different language(s), international diversity, deep and comparative academic debate, fieldwork and continuous research.

Nesibe Şahin - MA in Sociology, PhD in Civilization Studies

The most important reason why I chose Ibn Haldun University was that its curriculum promised a comparative evaluation of theoretical approaches. Indeed, I was introduced to a program that offered a rich theoretical background throughout my graduate education. Although my undergraduate education was not in Sociology, I successfully defended my master's thesis as a result of the close attention of our professors both in and out of the classroom. During the process of writing my thesis, I had the opportunity to study at the historical Süleymaniye Madrasa with the Honors Program provided to graduate students within the university.

During my education at Ibn Haldun University Department of Sociology, I had the opportunity to develop myself outside of the classroom by making distinguished friends from many countries of the world, who are eager to learn and teach. Learning different languages, working in scientific and artistic projects, and participating in workshops on different subjects added depth to my academic and cultural life.

The intellectual environment of our school and the exemplary approaches of our professors motivated me to continue my academic studies. In this respect, I aimed to continue my doctoral education within our university and contribute to the scientific accumulation, which is the most valuable heritage of humanity.

Salih Erçel - MA in Turkey Studies Graduate 

If you aim to specialize in social sciences, first of all, you need to know your country well. The Turkey Studies Master's Program, which was created in response to this need, is of great importance with its academic staff and curriculum. In addition to being able to comfortably take courses from the most prominent names in the field such as Halil Berktay and Suraiya Faroqhi in small classes, the opportunity to put your language education into practice and consult with foreign students in an international environment makes Ibn Haldun University and the Turkish Studies program stand out. In addition to all these, dormitory and scholarship opportunities make the university shine among its peers.

As I have a bachelor's degree in International Relations, I believe that being a student at Ibn Haldun University's master's program in Turkey Studies is an important experience to improve myself and to strengthen the foundation of my main field, as it is multicultural and interdisciplinary.

Sezer Durak - PhD in History

The PhD program in history, with its leading academics and innovative curriculum, is an ideal home for modern historiographers. In my opinion, the most important aspect of the program is the theoretical courses on methodology and readings on their practical application, which help the student to adopt a distinctive method of historiography. In this context, an incredibly wide range of approaches and genres of writing, from Italian micro-historicism to socio-cultural historiography, are carefully considered against a historical background from antiquity to the present day.

Another approach I have taken in the PhD program is to ensure that the study of history remains as interdisciplinary as possible, and to deal with historical data in line with the methods and concepts developed by various sciences. As a continuation of this theoretical approach, our assignments are expected to reflect a level of quality that will have global validity and credibility, and are assessed accordingly. The curriculum is technically perfectly matched; for example, in addition to research courses in analytical methods, two of the three semesters are devoted to courses in historical sources classified by period and genre. In this way, we not only learn the sources well, but also produce at least two publishable pieces of academic research based on them.

Another feature that distinguishes the PhD program from many of its peers is that, in addition to the university's policy of trilingualism, the department undertakes and funds the learning of a fourth language as a research language.

Şeyma Sevim - MA in Philosophy Graduate 

I chose Ibn Haldun University Department of Philosophy because it has a faculty and academic staff with a mission and vision that is compatible with my field of study. I am doing a comparative study between modern Islamic thought and modern Western philosophy. Ibn Haldun University Department of Philosophy is a department that tries to make sense of and interpret Western Philosophy from the tradition and thought we have. The fact that there is a staff specialized in both Islamic philosophy and Western philosophy has also been a very important factor for me. Since I used both Arabic and English sources in my study, I think it is very important to have professors who are fluent in both languages, especially in the field of Philosophy.

At the same time, there is a teaching staff that we can knock on the door and always be in one-to-one communication. Moreover, studying with a very large international student body provides students with a very rich horizon and language opportunities.

Vahid Faraji - MA in Economics Graduate 

Ibn Haldun University provides a truly international environment. We do not only take classes here, students benefit from many different activities. We also offer both scholarship and assistantship opportunities for our teaching and research activities. While I was studying, I also started research and assistantship, which was an experience for me. You can develop your career here not only in terms of education but also academically and professionally. I invite all graduate candidates, both Turkish and foreign, to take advantage of this opportunity.

Yunus Aktaş - MA in Educational Institutions Management

I am very pleased to be a part of Ibn Haldun University, which aims to be a globally respected and influential university that produces original knowledge and approaches in the field of social sciences. I understand better while studying how right I made the right choice because of the scholarship opportunities provided by the university for graduate students, the financial and moral support that can improve themselves in every sense for students who love to work and want to leave their mark in social sciences, and make them feel like a part of the family from academics to student affairs.